Superfoods are not only high in nutrients and prevent disease, but they provide radiant skin, help you maintain ideal body weight, and fight disease! It’s time to stock up your kitchen with these top 5 superfoods!

AVOCADOS. Not only do they make for a delicious guacamole side dish, this superfood is a healthy fat, which provides optimal brain function. Add half of this fruit to any meal, and it will deliver proper blood flow through the body, support cancer prevention, and help lower blood pressure. Avocados have the highest protein content of an
y fruit. Mexico is the world’s top producer of avocados, with California coming in second. Once an avocado is picked, it takes between 7 and 10 days to ripen. If kept in the refrigerator, it will slow down the ripening process.

COCONUT OIL. This magnificent oil can be used superficially or ingested with many amazing meals to reap all the glorious benefits. Start your day by dropping a dollop of coconut oil in your coffee as it will offer you energy naturally, plus coconut oil will help curb your hunger. Lather up your skin from head to toes using coconut oil as an all-natural body lotion. Did you know that this amazing oil can help be used in your hair care too? To get rid of dandruff, and to thicken your hair, massage 1 tbsp coconut oil mixed with 10 drops of rosemary essential oil into your scalp for 3 minutes. Then shower 30 minutes later. Coconut oil protects against the sun’s harmful rays, provides mass amounts of moisture to dry skin, and fights off bacteria.

GREENS. Spinach, parsley, peppermint, Spirulina, are a handful of greens to keep your body a disease fighting machine! Spinach is not only packed with essential vitamins that boost your immune system, it keeps your bones strong, and wards of inflammation! Who knew parsley was more than a decoration on your plate? Parsley will help to reduce bloating, decrease kidney or bladder issues, and aide in the prevention of heart attacks. Peppermint tastes delicious! You can pop it in your water or blend it into a smoothie. This cool leaf is the perfect remedy for headaches, nausea, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and a stuffed nose. Although there are over 25 species of peppermint produced, the majority of peppermint is produced in the United States. Spirulina commonly comes in the form of power, and offers loads of minerals, vitamins, and protein. This green superfood also helps the heart function, fights disease, and reduces the risk of oral cancer.

BLUEBERRIES. A brain boosting yet sweet treat, the blueberry is another Superfood packed with power to keep your body healthy! The delicious berry strengthens eye sight, regulates blood sugar, and improves fine motor skills. Toss a handful atop your favorite Greek yogurt, and you have yourself a Superfood snack that packs a delicious punch of nutrition.

CACAO. Say what? Coco? No, it’s cacao, the purest form of chocolate. Cacao is raw so it hasn’t been processed. It’s rich with antioxidants, and has the highest amount of magnesium of any food. This superfood is commonly sold in powder form or as nibs to sprinkle into any sweet recipe. Add this to your kitchen staples to help balance your hormone levels, improve your mood, and shed fat. Cacao also can keep us youthful as it combats the aging process. Mix a couple tablespoons of cacao powder with a cup of warm almond milk to sip on, and you’ll instantly gain energy. Cacao beans take about 5 days to ferment, and one to two weeks to sun dry on large trays. Each cacao pod holds roughly 40 to 50 cacao beans. Cacao can strengthen your nails, keep your hair shiny, and can lower your blood pressure. Cacao is the gift of a delicious dessert, and affords several body boosting paybacks.

Include a couple of these Superfoods into your day! Not only will your taste buds be dancing, but your body will too! Your long term health, and the quality of your meals, will all improve. Make a place for these Superfoods in your kitchen!