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About Me

Hi there! I’m so happy you are here! My passion is health, wellness, and fitness! Particularly, food! Healthy food!

I was a school teacher for 15 years, earning degrees in education, psychology, and a masters in reading.

At 23 years old, I endured a major accident where I was run over by an SUV. After several operations and a desperate hope each day to walk again, my passion for health amplified. I received my health coaching and nutrition degree to personally coach people to feel better each day.

I’m from Chicago, and now reside in Arizona. In addition to health coaching, I am creating new recipes, hiking mountains, traveling the world, reading books, practicing yoga, and connecting with other amazing souls.

Everyone deserves to have good health and to feel their BEST! I’m beyond excited to inspire you!

xo, Kristina

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The Best of Kristina

10 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

From Sam Smith, to your neighbor, or even you, many people struggle with emotional eating. Through the highs and lows of life, some people have been known to use food to deal with their emotions, from being happy, sad, angry, or depressed.

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