Goals are typically created by people around the new year. But you can crush your goals NOW! 

In high school, I was at my friend’s house for dinner when her father suggested I write my goals on paper.(I’ve done this ever since.)

Perfect! Tip 1 is done! Writing your goals on paper gives them more validity!

Tip 2: Post your goals in a place you will read them each day. Your bedroom wall, in your office, or on your bathroom mirror! Read them out loud each morning and night.

Tip 3: Under each goal create a “why”. Why do you really want to achieve this goal? For example, after my accident, I was immobile for months. My first goal was to be able to sit up and look outside into the world. My why: I wanted to know that I had a future ahead of me.

Tip 4: Set realistic goals! I was told I may not walk again due to the deterioration of my ankle joint. I knew I was to prove the doctors wrong. So my next goal was learning how to stand up again on two legs, and not give up because I couldn’t walk in that very moment.

Tip 5: Record your progress! Once I learned how to hold onto my dresser for support, soon enough I was able to stand a few minutes, hands free. In a dated journal, I recorded each progression. Take a couple steps to my bedroom door, walk each step to the bathroom, walk to the bathroom without support, and so on.

Tip 6: Build your support team! I had the unconditional love and support from my family and friends in my journey to recovering. Whatever your goal may be, find someone who’s got your back! When you feel weak or you want someone to share your progress, pick someone who’ll give you reliable support.

Tip 7: Take Breaks! There were plenty of days where I wanted to punch, kick, and curse to let out my frustrations of how hard my goals were. That’s ok! It’s just time for a break to release these emotions and jump back on board the next day.

Tip 8: Rewrite your goals! When you feel called to achieve something new, write that goal down. Eventually my goal was to walk across the street, then down the street, and a few years later, my goal turned into learning how to run and completing a 5k.

Goals feel amazing once you achieved them. It’s always ‘hard’ because your teaching your body something new, but follow these tips or just a few of them to help you. You can do anything you want!

Now go kick some serious ass!


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